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    Promotion of licensing system development and training

    • 2021

      LES International Annual Conference

    • 2014

      LES Asia Pacific Conference

    • 2006

      LES International Annual Conference

    • 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000

      International Seminar held

    • 1976


    개인회원 Lawyers, Patent attorneys, Corporate executives, Technology transfer managers, etc.
    법인회원 Samsung Display, LG Electronics, Mark Pro, Hyundai Motor Company, Doosan, Amorepacific, Humax, LG Innotek, KCC, Seoul National University, ETRI, Kim & Chang,
    Shin & Kim LLC, HANYANG International Patent And Law Firm, Cantor Colburn, Leemock, FirstLaw PC

    Main Bussiness

    • Networking

      - Promotion and hosting of domestic and international conferences
      - Strengthening member networking and conducting cooperative projects with relevant domestic organizations
      - LES International Conference, Annual Conference, and other international exchange projects

    • ADR Committee

      ADR Seminar held

    • Education Committee

      Licensing Regular Training Program LES100/LES200, IP Outreach, Les Nouvelle Research presentations (quarterly), regular seminars for members

    • TLO & Young Member Committee

      Visit TLO, discover members of government-funded licensing department Building a Young Member Potential Member List

    Member Privileges

    • Membership at LES International (

      LES is the largest licensing network, (with 33 branches worldwide and 12,000 subscribers) You can Join our expert network

    • Free Subscription to Les Nouvelles

      Four times a year, free subscription to Les Nouvelles, Licensing's most prestigious magazine

    • Discount on participation in events and training

      - Discount on participation in international events such as LES International conferences and regional conferences
      - Free participation in domestic conferences and events hosted by LES Korea or discount on participation fees

    • Free IP Licensing Clinic

      IP licensing clinic to solve licensing issues of members/member companies (visiting education)

    • Company/member network

      Participated in Domestic licensing network through participation in events such as 'Members Night' You can join the practitioner network

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